About the game

— Introduction —

“Project V.” it’s a miniature wargame unlike many others on the market, it features a very characteristic and anime-ish setting and storyline. Battles will be fight by 2-8 players in different game modes of various types in modern warfare scenarios, with both infantry and vehicles.

We’re talking about fun matches driven either by objectives (from the official ruleset) or story telling goals made by the community. Like so, you can expect from the classic “Annihilation”, where you’re supposed to wipe out completely the enemy squads; to a more challanging “CTF” mode, “Conquest” or even a “Battle Royale” in multiple formats! More details to come in the next months.

Models will be detailed and leave a large freedom for when it comes down to select a color scheme or paint job. Additionally to this, we’re going to provide resourceful pages and depliant on how to paint your Girls with the official colors. Or you can just let your creativity takes the lead.

— Setting & Plot —

Check our “Transmissions Archive” for pieces of content related to the narration and setting where Project V. takes place.

The base game, as you’ve guessed by reading “NUN Comunication [CALL] #12983”, is going to cover this section of story. The mock-up battles between these schools.

— Product & Goods —

PANZERFIST’s goal is to make a 360° complete and expandable experience (regular new units and expansions) for our hobbyists and supporters. With starter sets, model boxes, model blisters, scenario miniatures, books, general mechandise and etc…

But in order to reach this level, we we’ll need your consideration and funds. What does it means? Simple.

1st – Your hand in spreading the word about this project (don’t understimate how important this is!).

2nd – Support on our coming Patreon campaign (which will make possible to assert the level of interest is such market and product and contribute to initial kick-off plus the logistics).

3rd – Finally support the real deal via a Crowdfunding campaign (most likely on IndieGOGO or Kickstarter) and let the dance begin.

— Localization & Languages —

We aim to be able to sell and distribute our products internationally via an online shop (later on through local stores) based in Europe. To basically cover: most of the EU territory, the USA in its totality and asian countries such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. If we receive valuable feedback, we might consider other places too.

Also, we’re commited to also translate our efforts into multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. But this will heavily depends on budget and accomplished goals during the Crowdfunding Campaign.

For more info or questions please send us an E-Mail or PM over our Facebook page. We’ll try our best to respond within 48h.