In date 19/04/2019, PANZERFIST is mainly composed by 3 guys: a 3D Artist/Workflow Specialist/Graphic Designer/Webmaster, a 3D Printer Specialist/Photographer and a Painter. While we do have collaborators and connections to experts in this field (especially for the scale production part of the job), we need more manpower to gear up.

Like so, PANZERFIST is looking for more profiles to amplify and speed up Project V. in its enterity.

NOTE: these are not job offers, you won’t get engaged with a regular contract and salary by a company (we’re not such yet); you won’t get immediately paid for your contribution. What do we offer is an opportunity to grow your experience, personal curriculum and field of expertise in anticipation of making this project a commercial reality and be able to offer an employement term.

With that said, the open positions are as follow:

  • 2x 3D Modeler

Description: As a 3D modeler you will be responsible for creating virtual worlds and characters. You will be breathing life into sketches and concept art. You will be working in a team with lots of other talented artists. You must be well versed with industry standard 3D modeling programs and tools or open source solutions. Good spatial skills and a well honed sense of color and design will help you succeed.


  1. Create and manage digital assets
  2. Interpret concept art and sketches to create virtual characters, environment and props
  3. Follow design guidelines, asset naming conventions and other technical constraints
  4. Prototype and iterate on models and characters based on feedback from team members
  5. Create textures and UV maps
  6. Optimize, refine and correct model geometry
  7. Rig models and characters for animation
  8. Work with artists and animators to execute projects
  9. Keep abreast with the latest developments in 3D design, capture and modeling tools and technologies


  1. Expert level knowledge of 3D design and animation tools such as 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, Blender, etc.
  2. An eye for detail and good visualization skills
  3. Ability to take feedback and make changes as required
  4. Knowledge of character design, rigging, skinning etc.
  5. Some familiarity with animation techniques
  6. Good communication skills
  • 1x Animator

Description: you will be collaborating with a lot of talented artists, designers and developers to produce amazing works of art. You will be responsible for producing realistic character and object animations. You will also assist with the conception and visualization of characters, effects and environment. To qualify for this job you must have experience with one or more industry standard animation tools, or open source solutions.


  1. Interpret story boards and designs to create character and object animations
  2. Collaborate with design and effects team to understand and integrate motion into models
  3. Work with art directors and project leads to conceptualize and visualize character animations and effects
  4. Create realistic and consistent animation
  5. Rig models and optimize model geometry
  6. Design animation and character state systems
  7. Develop and optimize animation pipelines
  8. Analyze and troubleshoot technical issues with animation tool chains/pipelines


  1. Proven expertise with 2d and 3d animation packages such as Maya, 3DSMax, etc…
  2. Knowledge of traditional arts, graphic design, anatomy, cinematography etc.
  3. Extensive knowledge of principals of animation as they apply to motion, pacing, timing, camera, lighting etc.
  4. Technical knowledge of computing requirements, hardware specifications, rendering engines, etc.
  5. Firm grasp of animation pipelines and workflow
  6. Must be a team player and must be able to work without supervision
  • 1x Graphic Designer

Description: can you turn ideas and words into compelling works of art? Can you blend colors and shapes to create an impact on your audience?

We are looking for graphic designers to join our creative team. You will be working with a variety of media and crafting visual messages that entice and delight.

You will be interpreting briefs, crafting experiences and creating engaging visuals. You must possess a good knowledge of both print and digital media and a high level of expertise with industry standard tools. You must also have experience with layout, typography and iconography.


  1. Interpret briefs and create compelling visual designs
  2. Define and communicate core brand identity
  3. Design, produce and manage digital assets
  4. Conceive and design product packaging, stationary, signage, infographics etc.
  5. Create visual communication for web and print media
  6. Work with other creative teams
  7. Maintain consistent brand identity and message across all design work


  1. A knack for creative, out-of-the-box thinking and an eye for detail
  2. Exceptional design skills with in depth knowledge of layout, color theory, typography and iconography
  3. Mastery of industry standard tools or open source solutions like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Gimp, InkScape, Corel Draw, etc.
  4. Ability to interpret abstract ideas and give them visual form
  5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  6. A refined aesthetic sense and understanding of design principles and philosophies
  7. Formal training in the visual arts will be preferred
  8. Ability to work well independently and in teams
  • 1x Scenario Writer

Description: we are looking for talented word weavers with a eye for detail and a flair for compelling stories. You will be joining our small but talented group of creatives fuelled by caffeine and passion. You will be mired in exciting and unique challenges. You will be designing the main storyline of our project, marketing campaigns, editing copy, and polishing words to ultimately see them shine on books, the web and beyond.


  1. Create distinctive and engaging content for books, web content and email campaigns
  2. Proofread, edit and format content
  3. Craft attention grabbing headlines
  4. Write content for the rules, story, blogs and newsletters
  5. Contribute in the design of marketing campaigns


  1. Excellent communication skills and the ability to express ideas in the written form
  2. Superb English vocabulary and an excellent grasp of grammar
  3. A flair for out-of-the box thinking
  4. Experience with industry standard layout and formatting tools
  5. Ability to work under pressure
  6. A warm and pleasing personality
  7. Previous experience, while not an absolute requirement, will be an added bonus

To let us know that you would like to join aboard, please send an E-Mail to recruitment [at] panzerfist [dot] com with as subject “PANZERFIST – My Profile for [[POSITION]]” and a quick resume of what you’re capable of. We’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

More opportunities to come in the future. Even if you don’t fit for anything listed above, and if you believe that you might possess something that we might lack in our team, please send us that E-Mail anyway!

Thanks for your attention. We look forward to your contribution.